For many people, the decision to change their way of life is rather like the decision to fast – they start by feeling acute discomfort. The palpitations, headaches, cramps and dizziness experienced by those who have never before fasted for twenty-four hours are also experienced, symbolically speaking, by those who decide to embrace the spiritual life.

So, what should they do? Just give up? When you fast, your organism begins to feel somewhat freer and decides to wage war on all the impurities accumulated over the years. To begin with, this can be quite uncomfortable.

But if you can put up with the disadvantages of fasting for a little while, you will realize that these soon disappear, giving way to a feeling of peace and well-being, which is then reflected in your physical and psychic health.
Similarly, someone who decides to change their life enters a world of purer, more intense vibrations and currents, and because they are not used to this, they can feel uncomfortable at first.

But if they are patient and persevere, they will become aware of a growing inner sense of purity, lightness and clarity.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov