Cosmic Intelligence constantly sends a stream of rays and particles through space to penetrate you and help you to improve – think about preparing the right conditions for it to pay you a visit and work on you. Know that if you are not making progress, it is because you do nothing to allow Cosmic Intelligence to enter into you.

Your weaknesses and impurities gradually create a shell around you that makes you impervious to its influences.

In order to break that shell, you must undertake a work of purification and sacrifice.

Each time you give up a vice or a bad habit, you open a door to the world of light. Since so many friends in the invisible world want to help you, why prevent them? Open up your heart and your soul, and say, ‘Welcome, spirits of light, I need you, come in, purify me, give me your light!’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov