Never expect me to talk to you about anything other than subjects that touch upon the new life. If you do not care for these subjects, that is too bad, you can go and find what interests you elsewhere.

From me, you will always hear the same topics: the new life – how to breathe it, how to eat it, how to drink it and how to radiate it, for this is what matters most, and it is the only thing that interests me. It is by living this new life that all the sacred sciences will one day be revealed to you.

In the smallest acts of everyday life, you can find correspondences with the worlds of astrology, alchemy, the Cabbalah and magic. In breathing you can discover astrology; in nutrition, alchemy; in words and gestures, magic; and in your thoughts, the Cabbalah.

So learn how to eat, breathe, speak, act and think and you will possess the foundations of the four sacred sciences.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov