We put up statues to the memory of the men and women we consider to be our benefactors. They are placed on a pedestal because they have either saved their country, discovered vaccines, or were great poets and philosophers and so on.

And rightly so, of course – I have no wish to deprive them of their glory. Yet I think that it is our enemies who deserve the most beautiful statues.

Yes, for they are our true benefactors, thanks to whom we are forced to become more vigilant, more intelligent and more patient.

Is this so hard to take seriously? Well think what you will, but all the same, try to reflect a little on this idea: our friends often put us to sleep, whereas our enemies shake us up.

You will say, ‘But that’s awful, they will wipe us out!’ No. If you have a high ideal and sincerely wish to advance, you will be given the knowledge and strength you need to overcome all the obstacles your enemies put in your way.

These obstacles will serve as rungs on a ladder by which to climb to greater heights.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov