Cosmic Intelligence has given every creature in the universe a certain sound, and it has tuned them so that they may form a symphony in the vastness of the cosmos. Sadly, it is only on earth that this symphony does not exist, because having forsaken the state of innocence in which God originally created them, human beings can no longer vibrate in unison with the universal harmony.

They are unable to do so because the scope of their consciousness is limited and focused on their personality, on their lower nature, which spurs only egotistic, self-interested and passionate reactions.

The day they begin to move beyond the limits of their lower nature and enter into the immensity of their higher nature, they will vibrate in harmony with the entire universe.

And thanks to this harmony, they will receive the best influences of the cosmos, because they will have restored the channel through which celestial energies can flow and come to visit them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov