One day, Nastradine Hodja’s disciples asked their Master, ‘Nastradine Hodja, when will the world end?’ ‘That is very simple’, replied Nastradine Hodja, ‘when I die.’ He was right; when a person dies, the whole world disappears with them, and when they are alive, the world is alive too. That is something to think about! Yes, it depends on you, on your consciousness, as to whether the world is alive or dead, spiritual or material, subtle or gross, beautiful or ugly.

You will say, ‘But we know that!’ Well then, if you know it, why can’t you manage to realize it? You know everything, yet you do nothing. Do something; decide to change your inner glasses so that the world and the people in it become truly alive for you.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov