Before doing anything, get into the habit of rising mentally to a high point from which you can get a clear view of the situation. Even if you have nothing special to do, whenever you have a few spare moments, draw inwards and imagine that you are climbing up to this high point.

Then, when the time comes to act, to make a decision, the way forward will be clear and you will do the right thing. It is because they neglect this practice that people are so lost and unhappy.

They act on impulse, without reflection, and inevitably fall flat on their faces. Then, realizing that they were mistaken, they go off in another direction; but here too they act without thinking, so they fall again.

No wonder the heads of human beings are covered with bumps and bruises – symbolically speaking! So, it is time they gave serious consideration to the advice of the sages who say to them, ‘Go within and meditate’.

This way, they will be able to hoist themselves up to this spiritual summit from which they can see the many aspects of reality, so that they can work and manifest themselves more effectively.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov