The intellect possesses light, that is to say it ‘sees’, and as such, it can observe, gather information and forewarn. The heart, on the other hand, possesses warmth, and with this warmth it provides impetus, it sets things in motion, spurs them on, or moves them around.The image of a ship will give you an idea of the respective functions of the heart and the intellect.

Up on the bridge is the captain; it is he who sees, provides directions and gives the orders. Below deck are the engineers who make the ship move forward.

They cannot see anything, but it is they, not the captain, who keep the ship moving forwards; if they refuse to obey, the ship comes to a standstill. If the ship is to keep sailing safely and on course, the captain and crew must join forces.

Such is the nature and the role of the heart and the mind. The mind has superior vision, whereas the heart has superior impetus.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov