When we observe human beings – even the most cultured and literate people – we often notice that they remain completely immersed in prose: they are cold and stiff without any warmth or poetry in them, their faces are lifeless.

Poetry has been left to the poets who write it, and even if people read a few verses now and then, the life they lead is hardly poetic.

This is why from now on, the new concept of art will be to learn to live day and night in poetry, in other words to be warm, expressive, and full of life. It is then that others will begin to love them.

Human beings are extraordinary. They want to be loved, but they remain icy, closed, gloomy and prosaic.

Well, no, we cannot be loved when we are unpleasant. To be loved, we must learn to live a poetic life through which we can bring warmth and light to others.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov