It is important to know that each thing, each being in creation has two poles.

For example, take a tree: it feeds on air and light through its branches and leaves, while it feeds on water and earth through its roots.

Just like a tree, human beings receive forces both from above and from below.
When Adam and Eve lived in paradise in the Garden of Eden, it was as if they lived among flowers. Flowers are exposed to the air, to the light of the sun, and they are visited by butterflies and bees.

Amid the flowers, one leads a heavenly and radiant life. But the day Adam and Eve, under the influence of the serpent, left the flowers and went down through the trunk to the roots of the cosmic tree, they descended to regions deprived of light and warmth; they then felt the weight of matter, and everything – moving, eating and so on – became more difficult.

Humanity remains in the same situation today. However, the work of a disciple is in fact to learn to control and use the subterranean forces they draw up through their roots to produce flowers and bear fruit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov