Nature, which is foresighted, has discovered a radical way to fight laziness – the stomach. As people are hungry, they are forced to sort themselves out and find something to eat: either they find their own food or they work to be able to buy it.

If they were not hungry, they would not do a thing, that is for sure.
Need and want are the only remedies for laziness.

This is why lazy people must be left wanting, for it is this want that will cure them.

Unfortunately, many mothers find it difficult to grasp this truth. Because their love for their children is blind, they want to spare their children from need, and this is how they drive them to laziness and weakness.

Mothers are able to understand many things, except that true love entails getting their children to work, because it is through work that we can find everything: health, happiness, power and the meaning of life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov