The most sublime lesson taught to us by the sun is universality.

It does not care whether the creatures to whom it sends its rays are intelligent or stupid, good or criminal, deserving or not.

It sends light to them all without distinction. Consider the most extraordinary beings who have ever lived: they have all had a few biases, a few preferences and even a few animosities.

Yes, even the greatest prophets, the greatest Masters could not quite free themselves from the need to enforce the law of justice and punish the wicked, for nothing is more difficult than to rid ourselves completely of any sense of animosity. Only the sun is truly able to do so.

For millions of years, it has been patiently waiting for creatures to attain perfection, knowing that we are divine sparks and that we will one day become like the Lord. This is why it has the patience to continue looking after us.

Surely, this greatness, this immensity is enough to stimulate you.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov