It is written in the Gospels that we must always serve one Master. So, if we do not serve Christ and the light, we are obliged to serve the devil and darkness.

These are laws. If you say, ‘Oh! I don’t accept the light, I don’t accept Christ, I want to be free’, well, you will be unable to prevent hell from settling within you.

Those who seek freedom in this way do not really seek it, since they discover slavery instead. Another entity begins to instruct them, and as they are ignorant, they allow themselves to be taken in, imagining that it is they themselves who wish and desire, when in fact they are doing someone else’s bidding.

But humans do not understand – they are like children who want to be free to do all kinds of stupid or dangerous things that will ultimately limit them. Only the sages know that in order to be free, one must limit oneself.

Others, claiming a need for freedom, actually release wild beasts from their cages, which then tear them apart and devour them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov