You all know that if you leave a door open in winter, the heat will escape and the whole house will get cold; and if you keep the doors and windows closed in summer, you will suffocate. However, very few people realize that they also have doors and windows within themselves that they must know when to open or close.

How do we keep warmth, joy and light? How do we protect the spiritual treasures we already possess or acquire new ones? By keeping the doors closed to the lower world through which the spirits of darkness slip in, and by opening the doors that communicate with the world on high.
The Cabbalah speaks of fifty doors a disciple must open: the Gates of Binah, or the Gates of Intelligence. But as long as the Twenty-Four Elders see that you do not know when to open or close the astral doors (or even often the physical doors!), they decree that it is not yet time to open the Gates of Intelligence to you.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov