Once upon a time, there was a poor monk who was so intellectually limited that he could only be given the most menial tasks in the monastery –sweeping, washing the dishes, emptying the rubbish bins, and so on. But there was one truth that had stuck in his mind, one that he never forgot.

While he was washing dishes, he would repeat, ‘Lord, as I wash this plate, please wash my heart.’ While sweeping the floor he would say, ‘Lord, as I sweep this cell…’ and so on, and so on. This went on for years.

Then one day, thanks to the purity for which he had never stopped working, he became clairvoyant and so wise that cardinals came from afar to seek his advice. Yes, with just one truth! And you, who know so many truths, what are you waiting for to do something with them? Do not let them remain purely theoretical.

Choose a few truths and work with them day and night, and you will see the results.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov