Human beings need space, infinity, eternity – this food for the soul and spirit that materialistic philosophy has never taken into consideration. This is why sooner or later materialism will face collapse.

Yes, certain events will occur and it will go bankrupt. By trying to convince human beings that their happiness depends on technical progress and comfort, they are prevented from seeking contact with the only regions and entities capable of bringing them the peace, love and fulfilment they need.

This spiritual, mystical world has been rejected, ridiculed and scorned to such an extent that hardly anyone feels inclined to turn to it to find the elements for their survival, with the result that humankind is dying, suffocated, poisoned and unbalanced. Only an initiatic school can provide the conditions necessary to connect with this subtle world, to breathe, eat and drink it in so as to feel fulfilled.

When we meditate, we are not taking anything; there is no food, no drink, no perfume.

We are in a void, and yet it is in this void that the soul blossoms.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov