As long as human beings are satisfied with the image of what they are now, they will remain stuck on the lower rungs of evolution, for this mediocre, mundane image influences and limits them. They must work to fashion a more beautiful, nobler and more luminous image of themselves.

This image will in turn have an impact on them, and generate other vibrations and other impulses. Their desire to resemble this image will incite them to progress; otherwise, they will stagnate and will never know their own reality.
You will ask, ‘What reality is that? My reality is what I am, here and now!’ No, that reality is not yet real.

True reality, the only reality, is your higher Self. The rest – what you think of as reality – is an illusion, a lie.

This is why disciples must seek their higher Self, their divine Self, for this divine Self is the only reality.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov