We must work to make our lives more intense, for it is this life that will produce the most magical effect on hearts, souls and minds, on the entities and forces of nature, and even on physical objects.

Yes, the time has come for the whole world to understand how stupid it is to sacrifice an eternity of splendour for the sake of a meaningless life spent eating, drinking, sleeping, and working a little to earn a living.

Initiates behave quite differently: they are well balanced, peaceful, joyful and healthy because they have worked to purify their life and make it beautiful and strong. They have understood that true magic is found in life itself, and nowhere else.

Yes, for there is no higher magic than to breathe life into others, to vivify, stimulate, exalt and resurrect them. That is true magic and true life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov