The most effective means of connecting ourselves to God is to concentrate on light. In reality, God is not light; He is much more than that and we can neither know Him nor even imagine Him.

In Genesis, it is said that on the first day, God created light, and from this light made the substance of the universe. Light, which is therefore the first divine emanation, contains all the qualities and virtues of God.

This is why we can know God only through light.

So, here is an exercise you can do: every day, several times a day, concentrate on light; imagine yourself resting in light, melting into light, being suffused with light; and imagine that the whole universe is bathed in this light.

Little by little, you will feel that everything within you is restored, that this light brings you true science, true peace, balance and power. The meaning of life can be found only in light.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov