There are countless cases of suicide, but they can all be boiled down into three categories. They are caused either by a lack of intelligence, a lack of heart, or else a weak will.

If you have a good understanding of things, if you know that there is a divine world populated by a multitude of glorious beings and that this divine world has left its imprint on the physical world; if you know that feelings and desires are so powerful that with patience and perseverance you can make them come true; and finally, if you manage to control yourself, no longer seeking solely to satisfy your appetites, but to consider all the difficulties of life as a means of strengthening your will, you will never voluntarily put an end to your life.

Even misery and deprivation, even sickness and solitude will never defeat you; it is you who will triumph over them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov