Our thoughts can influence our behaviour, just as our behaviour can influence our thoughts. Whether our negative instincts have distorted our bearing, gestures or expressions, or whether our activities have led us to adopt ideas and feelings that have brought about changes in us, we have the power to address both our movements and our expressions.

Suppose that you have been in an atmosphere unsuited to the spiritual life for a few weeks, and you have been unable to meditate, pray or quietly reflect. Left to yourself, you have given in to your most ordinary inclinations, and this is reflected in your behaviour.

You must now turn the situation around, telling yourself, ‘Using my will to make certain gestures, to carry out certain actions, I will get love flowing within me again and find my inspiration anew.’ In doing so, you will gradually sense the return of the same wonderful feelings, the same plenitude you experienced before.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov