A man has a yard full of hens.

He treats them kindly and generously, caring for them and tossing them grain every day.

Yet, one by one, his hens disappear. Why? What is going on? Well, it is the man himself who comes to get them.

He cuts off their heads, and his wife puts them in the pot. So, after having taken such good care of them, they eat them, exclaiming, ‘Mmm, this chicken is delicious, cooked just right!’ This is what most human beings call love.

They experience love as an appetite that demands to be satisfied. This is a primitive tendency that comes to them from the animal kingdom and is something on which they must work.
In the new life, we will learn that the first rule to observe when we love someone is to think of the other person and not of ourselves.

Love is first of all the wish to discover what the soul of the one we love needs, how to help them in their evolution, and how to provide them with the best conditions for their growth and liberation.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov