You cannot force people to change. If they do not feel the need to do so, if they have not understood the importance of a spiritual philosophy and discipline, you cannot force them; you must let them go their own way.

Their attitude simply shows that they are still very young and need more experience and lessons. They will suffer, of course, but it is this suffering that will eventually oblige them to change their lives.

As for those who are dissatisfied with their prosaic, lacklustre and limited lives, an entire field of extraordinary activities opens before them. These activities are presented symbolically in what mythology refers to as ‘the twelve labours of Hercules’.

The twelve labours of Hercules are linked to the zodiac; they represent the twelve activities that will enable humankind to open the twelve gates and become the New Jerusalem, the city of light, where darkness, sickness and death no longer exist.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov