A disciple’s ideal must be to come ever closer to the Word of God. The first rule for achieving this is to decide to stop slandering or speaking ill of anyone, and to control one’s tongue, saying to oneself, ‘If I do not watch what I say, I will never possess the true power of the Word, so I must be careful.’ Think of everything that is said in the course of a day! People casually roll out words, believing that if they are mistaken or have gone too far, it will only take a few words to make amends.

No, they do not know what path a word takes, what regions it travels through, or what damage it does along the way.

And even if one tries to repair the damage, it is extremely difficult, because in the meantime, other layers have been deposited, and it is hard to pass through them to find where the harm was done.

Do not imagine that simply by apologizing or paying ‘damages with interest’ you can right the wrong caused by your words. It may be repaired in the eyes of human beings, but before astral laws, before cosmic laws, it is not repaired.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov