The notion of hierarchy present in our everyday lives was given to us by Cosmic Intelligence, which set up a hierarchy not only in the universe, but also in our earthly bodies. Human beings have a skeletal structure that corresponds to the mineral world and provides the body’s material support.

Muscles are attached to our bones just as vegetation clings to the earth. Our circulatory system, with its blood vessels and capillaries, corresponds to rivers, streams and lakes, for water is the blood of the earth, which nourishes all vegetation.

Our respiratory system corresponds to air, and finally, our nervous system corresponds to the sun on which everything depends. In fact it is not the bones which are the controlling factor, but the nervous system, which is the most finely developed, the most subtle and the most highly evolved.
Why have we not drawn a philosophical conclusion from this observation? Why has science misled humanity in giving priority to matter instead of to the spirit?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov