Everything you do reveals something about your education, your character, your intelligence and your sense of the aesthetic.

You may say, ‘Oh, but my job is only to sweep and wash the floor!’ Do you really think it is as simple as that? In doing so, you should also think about it and pay attention.

Just the way in which you set about this work – which you find so easy – can show your intelligence. Even in sweeping there is an order to be followed and certain precautions to be taken so as not to raise clouds of dust.

You might say that you use a vacuum cleaner. Well that is fine, though you must still be careful not to go over the same place several times and miss others completely, not to bump into the furniture or get a chair caught up in the electric cord, and so on.

No work can be done without due care and thought. Whatever the work may be, whether physical or mental, we must first see how to organize it, in what order things should be done.

This is what it means to have a good method. So observe yourselves, and no matter what sort of work you undertake, think about how to prepare it and carry it out.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov