You do not know how to live in that state of wonderment, expansion, lightness and love which gives wings. Birds know that in order to fly they must spread their wings.

So how is it that birds have found this secret out and yet humans are still living narrow and sluggish lives, and virtually burying themselves, every day? It must be that they are not as intelligent as birds! If you say ‘I feel peculiar, I have no taste for anything anymore’, it is simply that you do not know how to spread your wings. ‘Oh, but I have doctorates from several universities!’ So you may have, but your wings are still folded.

Or else someone has clipped them for you – that can also happen, and perhaps you have allowed this to happen inwardly. If you want to be able to fly each day, learn to nourish within you the thoughts and feelings that will give you wings.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov