If you wish to learn from a master, you must understand that you will gain nothing if you are not sincere and honest. It is the quality of your thoughts and feelings which will enable you to progress.

The master is only the means to this end. Those who think that their spiritual progress would have been quicker if they had had a master – or a better master – are wrong.

They would simply have had to undergo even greater trials. Do not imagine that with Jesus as master, a cat would become Saint John – it would remain a cat.

And swine would perhaps become even more swinish.
Obviously it is an advantage to have a wise master full of love, but do not forget that what matters most is what you are yourself.

Start by improving your thoughts and feelings, by nourishing the highest of ideals, in the knowledge that sooner or later you will manage to attract the celestial entities which most closely correspond to these thoughts and feelings.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov