We must be able to transform all the impurities we receive from our surroundings, from food, air and even from people’s thoughts and feelings. Even further still, we must transform all the criticism, hatred, and ingratitude we receive from others.

Initiates have had many stones thrown at them from all sides – mountains of them! But they found a way to turn them into precious stones. They worked on the stones that were thrown at them, transforming them into treasures for us.

This is true alchemy. If the earth can transform raw material into precious stones, so can we! The key is to think about doing so.

Human beings possess every strength, every power – even the philosopher’s stone, which turns everything into gold, is present within them. Until humans accept this philosophy, they will feel unhappy, crushed, and the slightest criticism will floor them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov