Imagine if you blew hard on a branch in blossom: the petals would scatter every which way, leaving no trace of the order, of the subtle arrangement that made it so beautiful. Well, that is what you do when you give in to a fit of anger, jealousy, greed or sensuality.

You produce a breath, a draft that disturbs the harmonious arrangement of atoms and electrons within you.

It is this disruption of your inner organization that causes psychic and even physical illnesses, and that cuts you off from the spiritual world.

That is why when you are troubled or feel a malaise, speak to your cells. Tell them, ‘Come on, calm yourselves, I am sending you waves of harmony and love, so please be obedient and resume your work.’ Never let a negative state take hold in you, try to put it right immediately.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov