Nowadays, the whole world receives schooling, even the most primitive people, but we cannot fail to notice that this instruction brings unrest and revolt with it. How is it that knowledge and intellectual development, which are all the same good things, are also the cause of so many wars and misfortunes? Actually, it is not knowledge itself that is the cause, but the nature of this knowledge.

When we open people’s eyes, the first thing they see is social inequality: others are rich and powerful, while they themselves are poor and weak, so of course this sparks revolt and jealousy within them. They want all kinds of things they never wanted before, and since they have no idea how to obtain them, they go about it in the most basic way: through violence.

You will say, ‘So, should we just leave people ignorant and in the dark?’ No, Initiates are not in favour of ignorance, but neither are they in favour of knowledge that does not awaken humans to the aspirations of the soul and spirit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov