How many people say to themselves, ‘I try, but what’s the use, since the world is ruled by the law of the jungle? In the oceans big fish eat little fish; in the forests wild animals devour one another; and in society, all we see is selfishness, violence and cruelty. Why should I be the exception? It is better to fight tooth and nail and come out on the attack because that is the way to succeed.’ All this is true, but these people only reason based on what they see on earth, which only represents half the truth.

If they glanced up at the sky, they would see that the sun exists as well, and the sun is the other half of the truth. While animals and humans only absorb, swallow, take and lay waste, the sun only shines, radiates, projects and gives.

Why? So that we may have life, warmth and light. Would we still have life if there were no other law, the law of love and sacrifice, which is not the law of the earth but that of the sun? No.

So, if you are discouraged by everything that you see on earth, think of the sun; accept its laws and you will feel heartened.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov