The four seasons are represented in our lives. Spring passes very quickly; summer is effervescent and inflamed with passion.

Then, in autumn, everything settles down – this is the best period, when humans, masters of themselves at last, are able to bear fruit. As for winter, this is the season of cold and laying bare.

Of course, winter is not absolutely bad, it all depends on the way a person has lived their previous seasons. This is why it can be said that winter represents the truth.

Childhood (spring) is life; adolescence (summer) is love; maturity (autumn) is wisdom; and finally old age (winter) is the truth – unfortunately, a sad truth for many! For upon leaving the earth, they can no longer delude themselves.

So there you are: life, love, wisdom and truth.

It is very interesting to note how the four seasons correspond to the different periods of a human life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov