The impulse that drives men and women towards each other that we call love can never be fully satisfied on the physical plane, for it is not the physical body that needs to love, but the heart, and beyond that the soul and the spirit.

If one looks no further than the physical body, the best one can hope for is some pleasurable emotions and sensations, which soon turn into jealousy, antagonism and hatred.
In love, as in many other areas, the body must be seen as an instrument, a means not an end.

All those who make no effort to look further than the physical body will remain dissatisfied and, if they are married, their life will be hell, because they will end up only seeing each other’s bad points. Whereas those who have worked to make their love an exchange on the level of the soul and spirit will experience renewed happiness each day.

Even as they grow old, they will continue to rediscover each other and rejoice in each other’s company. For it was not the envelope, the vessel or the body that they loved, but what it contained, the spiritual principle born of the one, inexhaustible Source.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov