Religious people who stress notions, beliefs and rites that diverge from the essential realities of light, warmth and life are the cause of great misfortunes. Let them start by turning to the sun to learn its lesson! The sun is generous and tolerant.

It says, ‘Believe what you see; I am constantly sending you my riches.’ As for human beings, they are ready to wipe each other out in order to force others to accept their notion of a God none of them has ever seen. You will say that God cannot be seen.

Indeed, that is just it – a reflection of God can be seen in the sun! The sun is the supreme expression of divine perfection. It continues to distribute light, warmth and life to one and all, and is not concerned about knowing whether someone is Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist.

In the eyes of the sun, all human beings are God’s children.
Sooner or later, when humans can no longer close their eyes to these great truths, the whole world will find the one true religion.

Then, Christians will understand that Christ is none other than the spirit of the sun.

Of course, it is not a question of finding Christ in the physical orb that we see in the sky.

It is a question of sensing that beyond the symbol of the physical sun is the Lord himself, overflowing with love.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov