For human beings to enjoy happiness and peace, the hierarchical order within them must be respected. If the stomach takes the place of the brain, a person will obviously think with their stomach, and the results will not be great! You have all seen what happens in an orchestra before the conductor arrives: the musicians come and go, talk among themselves, tune their instruments – there is a real din.

But as soon as the conductor appears (the head), silence falls, everyone takes their place and soon symphonic harmonies plunge the audience into rapture. This is because everyone is in their place, knows what to do and does it.
So that a hierarchical order is established within us, our desires and passions must no longer dominate.

Instead, wisdom and reason and, higher still, at the head, the Spirit of God must reign. We must pray, we must plead, until this head, the Spirit of God, comes to dwell within us.

Then, the divine hierarchy will be restored, and all will be harmonious and musical within us.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov