In order to work on humanity, a great Master needs a collective body. Some of his disciples are the eyes, ears or mouth of this organism.

Others are the heart, stomach, lungs, arms or legs.

The Master remains limited until such time as he can bring this collective body to life.
So, not only does the spirit of a great Master strive to incarnate within his own physical body, but also in the collective body of a spiritual community in order to develop and improve it.

In return, this collective body must work equally hard to help the Master’s spirit incarnate and manifest within it. This is why, rather than remaining fixed on the body of Jesus nailed to the cross, a Christian’s sole concern must be to prepare themselves to become a pure and luminous particle of this collective body, which the spirit of Christ is working to animate.

It is a fact that two thousand years ago, Jesus was crucified, we cannot change that, but it is now up to us to reinforce the body of Christ so that its spirit can continue to work on earth.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov