A country is like a river in which vastly diverse souls converge for a certain time in obedience to the decree of fate that put them there. Some of these souls already come from that country, but most come from elsewhere.

When people believe that their love of country gives them the right to despise, or even hate other countries, it is because they are too ignorant to know that in a previous incarnation they were citizens of those very countries, and held the same stupid, narrow-minded views about the country they defend so stoutly today! A country is our homeland only for the present incarnation. How many French people have hated Germany or England, without realizing that in a previous incarnation they were English or German and hated France? This law applies to all the countries of the world and to all religions too.

How many Catholics have hated and persecuted Protestants, without the slightest notion that they themselves were Protestants in another incarnation, and vice versa?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov