We gather to pray, meditate and sing together, twice, three times, four times a day, and these moments are marvellous, the best moments of our lives. But there is perhaps one thing that is missing: all these energies, all these impulses, have not been given a destination, a specific address.

When you wish to send a letter, if you do not write the address on the envelope, it will never arrive.

You must put an address and then, even if you lose the letter in the street, someone will pick it up and put it in the post box.

Similarly, the spiritual energies we project must have an address; they must be concentrated and directed towards a goal, otherwise they simply drop back into the great reservoir of the cosmos, and are scattered without achieving anything much.
You are all active on the intellectual, emotional and physical planes, but your activity is scattered; it is not focused in one direction, which is why it is not very effective. If you want results, there is only one thing to do: concentrate your energies towards a goal.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov