Enemies are sometimes more useful to us than friends. If you understood the situation correctly, you would realize that it is they who are your true friends, for they are merciless.

They refuse to let you get away with anything; they point out every defect. You will say that they often exaggerate.

That is true, but it does not matter.

They are like microscopes, and microscopes can sometimes be very useful.

Scientists use them every day because they enable them to see tiny details that would otherwise go unnoticed.
So, if you sincerely want to make progress, you must accept the idea that your enemies can often be more useful to you than your friends. It is they who oblige you to work on yourself, to mend your ways and find solutions to the problems they raise, and in this way, they force you to become stronger and wiser.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov