A true Master will give you all the methods you need in order to grow spiritually, but if you want to get results, it is you who have to do the work. He will not do it for you, as it would not do any good.

For a spiritual acquisition or a psychic gift to last, it has to be sustained by your own efforts, your own work. A Master can open doors for you, but it is you who must enter.

He will not push or force you, and only when he sees that you are advancing will he open new doors. Each time the Master sees that you have made progress, he invites you to go one step higher, and once again, it is up to you to take that step for yourself.

So, stop expecting someone to lay hands on you or to pronounce a few magic formulas that will immediately bring you enlightenment. No one, not even your Master who is close to you, will do this.

Even if he wanted to, he could not do it, for it would be contrary to the very laws of life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov