When you study human beings you see that certain tendencies are so deeply rooted in their being that nothing can ever uproot them, whereas other tendencies need to be ceaselessly encouraged by counselling, reading and prayer, so that they do not disappear completely.
For example, when it comes to hunger, thirst, sleep, or a need to possess or to taste certain pleasures, nobody has to remind you about it, as these needs are so solidly entrenched in you that you could not get rid of them, even if you wanted to.

But when it comes to being reasonable, wise and provident, or of manifesting qualities of disinterestedness and generosity, you have to be constantly stimulated.

There are some things in human beings, therefore, which are firmly anchored within them, and others, which are much more fragile and have to be fostered and encouraged.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov