Whatever work Providence or destiny has entrusted to you, you must make every effort to do as well as you can.

If you refuse that work, or do it carelessly, on the pretext that it is beneath you, you will be holding up your own evolution, and you will be obliged to come back later on to complete or correct what you have done.

When this happens, you will realize how difficult it is to redo a task you thought you had completed.
If we are on the earth suffering and struggling in the midst of difficulties, it is precisely because we have to start our work all over again. Heaven has sent us back to repair our mistakes, and to show us that we do not know how to work, that we still have to learn.

This is the meaning of our successive reincarnations. If we refuse to learn our lessons, we shall simply be sent back again and again, and it will become harder and harder to correct our mistakes.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov