So many people say, ‘Initiatic science is marvellous, extraordinary. I feel sure that it could give me the solution to all my problems.

The only trouble is that I haven’t got the time to study it or practise the exercises it recommends.

What with my family, my work, my social life and so on, it’s already more than I can cope with!’ And having said this, their conscience is satisfied.

The truth is that if they had any intuition at all, if they were highly evolved souls, they would never have got themselves into a situation that restricted them to such a degree. If they have taken on too many commitments, it is because they failed to evolve sufficiently in their previous incarnations, and today they are incapable of benefiting from this extraordinary Science.

Why do some people sense from an early age that they must prepare themselves and keep themselves free for the service of an ideal? Because they still remember certain aspects of past lives, or because, before reincarnating, they promised the divine entities that they would do so. Others think that they are justified in letting matter get them in its clutches.

They say, ‘There’s nothing anyone can do about it. That’s life!’ No, life is what you make it, and if some people are so caught up in their personal affairs, it is because inwardly they did not know how to free themselves.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov