Let’s suppose a disciple has achieved a few victories over their laziness, anger, jealousy, or sensuality. If they think, ‘Ah, how strong I am! I have overcome temptation,’ they will immediately be in danger, because it is at that instant that a trap is being set for them; and it is so skilfully and subtly done that they are bound to fall into it.

Yes, because they are not humble. They are deluded by their minor victories and have no idea of how treacherous their lower nature can be.

It is just when they feel sure of themselves that their lower nature gains the upper hand and prepares a few surprises for them. True disciples are always conscious of the dangers that threaten them.

In fact, it is when they have managed to win a few battles that they begin to worry. They think to themselves, ‘What else is in store for me? I must not claim victory yet, it’s too soon!’ Not only are they constantly on their guard, but they know that they cannot struggle alone; they must not rely solely on themselves.

They implore the Lord to dwell within them and give them the power to conquer.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov