Young people are told, ‘Make the most of your youth while you can; you will not be young forever.’ This is true, of course, but in what circumstances? Well, precisely when young people listen to this bad advice and set out to amuse themselves and experience every form of pleasure! In these conditions, they soon lose the bloom of youth and, naturally, when they are no longer so good looking and vibrant, they are rejected. So, of course, since these are the facts, people draw their conclusions.

Yes, but if the facts are what they are, it is because they did not know how to observe and reason properly in the first place.
Let me tell you what I say to young people. If you work for the light, for a high ideal, the older you get the more alive and expressive you will become.

You will even acquire a vivacity and expressiveness that you never had in youth. To be sure, you will be a little more bent, you will have a few more wrinkles and white hairs, but do not let that deter you.

Let your body age gracefully, and remember that your soul can still use it to manifest itself with extraordinary youthfulness.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov