People imagine that when they give in to temptation they are satisfying themselves. Not at all, they are working for others.

Unfortunately, they realize it late in the day, when they begin to feel impoverished, drained and empty. Only then do they understand that they have been working for others their entire life, not for themselves, not, that is, for that part of them which constantly needs to grow, develop and be enriched.

And who are the ‘others’ they have been working for? They are the dark parasites of the astral plane that feed on us and enrich themselves at our expense! But these dark entities are not the only ones in the invisible world; there are many luminous creatures for whom it is possible to work without ceasing to enrich oneself.

Every time we exert ourselves to serve and please them, we ourselves become richer and stronger.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov