All creatures have to eat and drink, and then they have to eliminate the waste material. What are these wastes? They are elements that are of no use to their physical body.

And yet these elements come from good food and drink, for they give people strength and keep them alive. This is a fact of everyday life that merits a closer look.

However good the food we eat, it always leaves a certain amount of waste that has to be eliminated and consigned to a specific place. The same phenomenon occurs on every plane and every level of the universe.

This is why we can say that hell and its inhabitants are the cesspool where all the impurities from all creatures are heaped. The hell that Christianity has talked so much about for so long and that has been depicted in so many fantastic shapes and colours is in fact the cesspool that receives all ‘evil’, that is to say, all the impurities rejected by all creatures.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov