It is a great blessing for a disciple to find a Master who will never take advantage of their love, for it is thanks to this love that they will progress and be enriched. Love works miracles in disciples because it effects an exchange, an osmosis between them and their Master – provided of course that their love is unselfish.

A great many disciples say that they love their Master but they spend their time badgering him and burdening him with their troubles. What blessings can you expect if you do not know how to love your Master properly? You will always be disgruntled because he cannot respond to your demands, and he will be overwhelmed by the burdens you impose on him.

Well, that is not love! Ask all those disciples who claim to love their Master, ‘Have you ever once thought of using all that love to give him something good?’ No, the only thing they give him are their burdens. True love must bring light, beauty and peace to the one you love.

Only then will your love advance your own progress as well.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov