People who call themselves spiritualists and who keep their gaze fixed on heaven and despise the earth, saying that it is a den of iniquity and a that the physical body is a tool of the devil, are very wide of the mark.

They wither and dry up like mummies; there is no life in them.

When you meet people like that who are supposedly living on a higher plane, you can feel that there is nothing down here – and precious little up above!
The coming Age of Aquarius brings with it a different philosophy. Aquarius teaches that human beings must look heavenwards without turning their backs on the earth.

They must look up at heaven so that they can bring down from it all that is beautiful, pure, luminous and eternal. In this way, humans will become a mirror and conductor of heaven; they will become a garden, an orchard, a sun.

Why should paradise exist only in the world above, while the earth is left in poverty, destitution and ugliness? No, from now on things will be different: beauty will descend to earth, and all things – stones, plants, animals and human beings – will be radiant.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov